Perioperative Referrals

The VGH Thrombosis Clinic accepts referrals to manage patients who must interrupt their anticoagulant therapy for an upcoming procedure or surgery being performed at either VGH or UBC Hospital.

Referrals for patients having procedures or surgery at other hospital sites are not accepted, unless the patient is already followed by our hematologists. For patient eligibility inquiries, please call the VGH Thrombosis Clinic nurse at 604-675-2481 extension 4 to discuss.

Patients on warfarin with a high risk of thrombosis will be considered for bridging therapy with low molecular weight heparin. Patients on direct oral anticoagulants will be given instructions on when to stop and restart their direct oral anticoagulant, if they have not received instructions from the VGH Pre-Anesthesia Clinic or their surgeon.

In order to allow time for appointment scheduling, referral must be received by the VGH Thrombosis Clinic at least 10 working days prior to the procedure or surgery.

To send a perioperative referral, complete the Perioperative Anticoagulation Referral Form below and fax to 604-875-5071.

Incomplete referral forms will delay triaging and prolong wait times. Late referrals might lead to unnecessary cancellation of the booked procedure or surgery.

Once the referral form and all requested information are received, the referral will be triaged and prioritized accordingly.

Please note:
Thrombosis Clinic nurses are available from Monday to Friday, 9:30 – 5:00 pm only. If you experience an urgent matter in the evening or on the weekend, please call the VGH Hospital Switchboard at 604-875-5000 and ask for the hematologist on call.

For referrals for treatment of an acute VTE episode, see the Acute VTE Treatment Referral page.

For referrals for managing long-term anticoagulant therapy or assessment of thrombophilia, see the Elective Thrombosis Referral page.

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